Ludo Star 2

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Play Ludo rounds in real time


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Ludo Star 2 is a very fun game that lets you enjoy Ludo rounds against users at any time of the day or night. If you are looking for an app to play this popular board game, this option lets you play against the artificial intelligence, real users or your own friends inside custom games.

The main advantage that Ludo Star 2 offers is precisely the possibility of playing at any time, thanks to a large number of users and solo games. Whichever gaming mode you choose, you can customize the number of users you want to face - two or four. When playing the game, you have to click on your dice to throw it and start moving your chips around the board. If you don't know the basic rules of ludo, you can learn to play against the AI.

Use the multiplayer mode to talk to other users in the room and send them emojis from a long list of options. One of the funniest aspects of Ludo Star 2 is that you can level up according to your games; the more you win, the more experience points you earn and the faster you can level up. But, keep in mind that as you move up, the games get more complicated. Enjoy hundreds of Ludo's games against users from all over the world or against the AI itself in games full of chance and fun.

Finally, Ludo Star 2 lets you create your own rooms where you can invite up to three friends. Show off your Ludo skills and beat them all in games that last as long as your lady luck is by your side.
By Beatriz Escalante